1. CLEAR (Curricular Linux Environment at Rice) [Campus login required]
  2. Run Matlab on your personal computer (Mac & Linux) [Campus login required]
  3. Mount storage drive on Linux
  4. AnyConnect VPN for Red Hat Linux using Duo Authentication [Campus login required]
  5. Modify your default Linux shell [Campus login required]
  6. Connecting to the RiceNet3 Wired Network on Linux
  7. Connect a Linux Computer to "Rice Owls" using NetworkManager
  8. AnyConnect VPN for Ubuntu Linux using Duo Authentication [Campus login required]
  9. Manually Configure a Linux Workstation to Connect to the RiceNet3 Wired Network with PEAP MSCHAPv2 using NetworkManager [Campus login required]
  10. Using a Linux Shell and SSH/SFTP to Access organization.rice.edu
  11. Connect a Ubuntu Linux computer to Rice Owls
  12. Free Software Titles
  13. GCC 4.9.2 From the Red Hat Software Collection [Campus login required]
  14. CLEAR NEWS [Campus login required]
  15. CLANG on clear.rice.edu [Campus login required]
  16. Using the 'turnin' command to manage homework [Campus login required]
  17. How to obtain and install ssh for Windows [Campus login required]
  18. Start a MAC terminal window and connect to CLEaR (or any Rice Server) from a Mac [Campus login required]
  19. Canvas: Mailing List for Class
  20. CLEAR Tips and Hints [Campus login required]
  21. How to obtain and install X11 and xming for Windows [Campus login required]
  22. Start a terminal and connect to CLEaR from windows [Campus login required]
  23. Limitations on CLEAR systems [Campus login required]
  24. Transfer a file from your Mac to CLEAR [Campus login required]
  25. Initial navigation of home and course directories on CLEAR [Campus login required]
  26. How to move your class materials from the old Owlnet or RUF servers to CLEAR [Campus login required]