1. Connect to the Eduroam wireless network
  2. Connecting a Blackberry to "Rice Owls" (PEAP)
  3. Connect a Mac OS X 10.4.x ("Tiger") and 10.5.x ("Leopard") to "Rice Owls"
  4. Connect a Mac to Rice Owls
  5. Connecting an Android phone to the wireless network
  6. Connect a Windows 10 Computer to Rice Owls
  7. Connect an iPhone or iPod Touch to "Rice Owls" (PEAP)
  8. Connect a Windows 7 Computer to Rice Owls
  9. Connecting to the RIceNet3 Wired Network on Windows Vista/7
  10. Connect a Mac OS X Computer to "Rice Visitor"
  11. Connect a Windows 8 Computer to Rice Owls
  12. Connect a Windows Vista Computer to Rice Owls
  13. Connect a Linux Computer to "Rice Owls" using NetworkManager
  14. Connect a Ubuntu Linux computer to Rice Owls