1. Resolving Risks to the Rice University Network
  2. Duo Two-factor Authentication and Single Sign-On for Esther
  3. RT Configuration for Commands by Mail from Splunk [Campus login required]
  4. CUI 800-171 Audit Reference Access Control Family 3.1 [Campus login required]
  5. ISO Request Tracker Assets REST API using CURL, Python and Qualtrics [Campus login required]
  6. ISO Procedure Risk Assessment of Cloud or Premise systems with Rice data [Campus login required]
  7. Procedure for Risk Mitigation of Unsupportable Networked Computers or Devices
  8. Procedure for System Vulnerability Scan and Notification [Campus login required]
  9. ISO: Determining FireEye Version [Campus login required]
  10. Undergraduate and Graduate Gmail FAQ
  11. Google Drive / Docs Security and Privacy Recommendations [Campus login required]
  12. ISO Procedure for Annual Cloud Service Review [Campus login required]
  13. Recognize, Report and Avoid Phishing Scams
  14. PCI SecureTrust Vulnerability Scanning Compensating Controls for Network Vulnerability Scanning Failures [Campus login required]
  15. How to Securely Erase Data
  16. Obsolete and Vulnerable Systems/Software Security Guidance [Campus login required]
  17. Procedure for Firewall Change Request Review