1. Zoom Video Conferencing - "Host" or "Join a Meeting"
  2. Web Browsers Supported by OnBase 16 [Campus login required]
  3. Web Browser - Clearing the Java Cache
  4. Web Browser - Clearing the Cache in Edge in Windows 10
  5. Web Browser - Clearing the Cache for Firefox in Windows 7
  6. V-Ray 3.40.03 for Rhinoceros 5 SR14
  7. Using the 'turnin' command to manage homework [Campus login required]
  8. Transfer a file from your Mac to CLEAR [Campus login required]
  9. Start a terminal and connect to CLEaR from windows [Campus login required]
  10. Start a MAC terminal window and connect to CLEaR (or any Rice Server) from a Mac [Campus login required]
  11. Software Installed on Classroom Podium and Computer Lab PCs
  12. Software Installed on Classroom Podium and Computer Lab Macs
  13. Software Discounts - Rice On the Hub Eligibility
  14. Software Discounts - Rice On the Hub
  15. Software Available for Students
  16. Software Available for Faculty and Staff
  17. Set up IE ActiveX for OnBase 16 [Campus login required]
  18. Run Matlab on your personal computer (Mac & Linux) [Campus login required]
  19. Ruby 2.0.0 From the Red Hat Software Collection [Campus login required]
  20. RhinoCam Installation
  21. Requesting Software for Rice Classrooms and Labs
  22. OnBase Security Agreement [Campus login required]
  23. OnBase Overview [Campus login required]
  24. OnBase How-Tos [Campus login required]
  25. OnBase - Disconnected Scanning workstation setup [Campus login required]
  26. Office 365 Education - Information and Help
  27. Office 365 Education - How Do I Obtain and Office 365 Education?
  28. Office 2016 Quick Start Guides and Training
  29. ODBC Connection for Microsoft Access
  30. Modify your default Linux shell [Campus login required]
  31. Modify Browser Text Size
  32. Microsoft Outlook 2013 Configuration (First-time setup)
  33. Mail headers - view and/or send the source of an email message
  34. Limitations on CLEAR systems [Campus login required]
  35. Karamba 1.2.2
  36. Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 (Win) - Clearing Cache and Cookies
  37. Install and Configure OnBase Outlook Integration [Campus login required]
  38. Initial navigation of home and course directories on CLEAR [Campus login required]
  39. How to obtain and install X11 and xming for Windows [Campus login required]
  40. How to obtain and install ssh for Windows [Campus login required]
  41. How to move your class materials from the old Owlnet or RUF servers to CLEAR [Campus login required]
  42. Gurobi on CLEAR [Campus login required]
  43. GCC 4.9.2 From the Red Hat Software Collection [Campus login required]
  44. Free Software Titles
  45. Edgar WebApps Where can I view my current transactions [Campus login required]
  46. Edgar WebApps The Financial Downloads [Campus login required]
  47. Edgar WebApps The Finance Tab [Campus login required]
  48. Edgar WebApps New Employee Training [Campus login required]
  49. Edgar WebApps Logging In [Campus login required]
  50. Edgar WebApps How to use the Financial Downloads [Campus login required]
  51. Edgar WebApps How to enter and view Memo Reservations [Campus login required]
  52. Edgar WebApps Fund Balance Report [Campus login required]
  53. Edgar WebApps FOAPAL Search Feature [Campus login required]
  54. Edgar WebApps Finding your Budget & Available Balance [Campus login required]
  55. Edgar WebApps Excel Shortcuts [Campus login required]
  56. Edgar WebApps Excel Reference [Campus login required]
  57. Edgar WebApps Excel Basic Functions [Campus login required]
  58. Edgar WebApps Burn Rate Report [Campus login required]
  59. Edgar WebApps Budget Summary Report [Campus login required]
  60. Edgar WebApps Additional Ways to view your Budget [Campus login required]
  61. CrashPlan
  62. Clear: Running out of space in your home directory [Campus login required]
  63. CLEAR Tips and Hints [Campus login required]
  64. CLEAR NEWS [Campus login required]
  65. CLEAR (Curricular Linux Environment at Rice) [Campus login required]
  66. CLANG on clear.rice.edu [Campus login required]
  67. Banner Forms / Clear Cache Files