1. Zoom Video Conferencing - "Host" or "Join a Meeting"
  2. Software Available for Students
  3. Web Browser - Clearing the Cache in Edge in Windows 10
  4. Software Installed on Classroom Podium and Computer Lab Macs
  5. Software Installed on Classroom Podium and Computer Lab PCs
  6. Software Available for Faculty and Staff
  7. Web Browser - Clearing the Java Cache
  8. Office 365 Education - How Do I Obtain and Office 365 Education?
  9. Office 365 Education - Information and Help
  10. Requesting Software for Rice Classrooms and Labs
  11. ODBC Connection for Microsoft Access
  12. Software Discounts - Rice On the Hub Eligibility
  13. Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 (Win) - Clearing Cache and Cookies
  14. Web Browser - Clearing the Cache for Firefox in Windows 7
  15. V-Ray 3.40.03 for Rhinoceros 5 SR14
  16. Karamba 1.2.2
  17. OnBase Security Agreement [Campus login required]
  18. RhinoCam Installation
  19. Install and Configure OnBase Outlook Integration [Campus login required]
  20. Office 2016 Quick Start Guides and Training
  21. Microsoft Outlook 2013 Configuration (First-time setup)
  22. Modify Browser Text Size
  23. Banner Forms / Clear Cache Files
  24. Mail headers - view and/or send the source of an email message
  25. Web Browsers Supported by OnBase 16 [Campus login required]
  26. OnBase Overview [Campus login required]
  27. Set up IE ActiveX for OnBase 16 [Campus login required]
  28. OnBase - Disconnected Scanning workstation setup [Campus login required]
  29. OnBase How-Tos [Campus login required]
  30. CrashPlan
  31. CLEAR NEWS [Campus login required]
  32. Edgar WebApps New Employee Training [Campus login required]
  33. Edgar WebApps Additional Ways to view your Budget [Campus login required]
  34. Edgar WebApps How to enter and view Memo Reservations [Campus login required]
  35. Edgar WebApps The Financial Downloads [Campus login required]
  36. Edgar WebApps Burn Rate Report [Campus login required]
  37. Edgar WebApps Excel Shortcuts [Campus login required]
  38. Edgar WebApps Excel Basic Functions [Campus login required]
  39. Edgar WebApps Fund Balance Report [Campus login required]
  40. Edgar WebApps Budget Summary Report [Campus login required]
  41. Edgar WebApps Where can I view my current transactions [Campus login required]
  42. Edgar WebApps Excel Reference [Campus login required]
  43. Edgar WebApps The Finance Tab [Campus login required]
  44. Edgar WebApps How to use the Financial Downloads [Campus login required]
  45. Edgar WebApps Finding your Budget & Available Balance [Campus login required]
  46. Edgar WebApps FOAPAL Search Feature [Campus login required]
  47. Edgar WebApps Logging In [Campus login required]
  48. CLEAR Tips and Hints [Campus login required]
  49. CLEAR (Curricular Linux Environment at Rice) [Campus login required]
  50. How to obtain and install X11 and xming for Windows [Campus login required]
  51. Start a terminal and connect to CLEaR from windows [Campus login required]
  52. Start a terminal and connect to CLEaR from a Mac [Campus login required]
  53. Modify your default Linux shell [Campus login required]
  54. Limitations on CLEAR systems [Campus login required]
  55. Transfer a file from your Mac to CLEAR [Campus login required]
  56. Initial navigation of home and course directories on CLEAR [Campus login required]
  57. How to move your class materials from the old Owlnet or RUF servers to CLEAR [Campus login required]
  58. Run Matlab on your personal computer (Mac & Linux) [Campus login required]
  59. GCC 4.9.2 From the Red Hat Software Collection [Campus login required]
  60. Ruby 2.0.0 From the Red Hat Software Collection [Campus login required]
  61. Using the 'turnin' command to manage homework [Campus login required]
  62. CLANG on clear.rice.edu [Campus login required]
  63. How to obtain and install ssh for Windows [Campus login required]
  64. Clear: Running out of space in your home directory [Campus login required]
  65. Gurobi on CLEAR [Campus login required]
  66. Software Discounts - Rice On the Hub
  67. Free Software Titles