1. Using OpenSSH from Windows Powershell with ORION virtual machines
  2. Cyrus Mail (Using Microsoft Outlook) - Identify Message Size
  3. SSO Login and Duo Security MFA for Google Workspace
  4. Duo Security MFA for Microsoft 365 Services
  5. Tmux commands [Campus login required]
  6. Introductory Reference to UNIX Commands [Campus login required]
  7. UNIX Text Editors [Campus login required]
  8. SSH-Gateway Access to Rice servers [Campus login required]
  9. openconnect VPN for Linux using Duo Authentication
  10. Getting Started with GitHub: Faculty [Campus login required]
  11. Getting Started with GitHub: Students [Campus login required]
  12. GitHub Classroom Getting Started Guide [Campus login required]
  13. Migrating to GitHub [Campus login required]
  14. Getting Started with GitHub [Campus login required]
  15. Box: Remove Collaborators
  16. Google Calendar - Understanding Permissions
  17. iO: Rice’s Centralized Business Platform for HR and Finance
  18. Microsoft Office 365 Outlook - Add or remove an email alias in Outlook
  19. Microsoft Office - Cheat Sheets
  20. Rice Google Accounts Linked to Rice NetID
  21. Updates to Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  22. Using Google Groups
  23. How to add Microsoft 365 Exchange Email to Android
  24. Microsoft 365 Exchange in Outlook (First-time Setup)
  25. Migration to Microsoft 365 Exchange ( No Microsoft Sign-in Prompt)
  26. How to add Microsoft 365 Exchange Email for iOS | iPhone / iPad
  27. Migration to Microsoft 365 Exchange/Exchange Online
  28. Microsoft Teams: Requesting a New Team
  29. Temporary Guest Access for OTR classroom podium computer
  30. Rice Jamf Auto-Enrollment Instructions
  31. Rice Jamf Pro Overview
  32. Microsoft Teams: Getting Started
  33. Connecting an Android phone or tablet to the Wireless Network [Campus login required]
  34. Setting File Permissions in OneDrive [Campus login required]
  35. CRC REDCap Service
  36. CRC Remote Access to Services and Resources
  37. CRC Setting Up Passwordless SSH (SSH Keys) on the Clusters
  38. Web Accessibility: Zoom Live Captions
  39. CRC Customizing Your Environment with the Module Command with lmod
  40. CRC Logging Into Shared Research Computing Resources
  41. CRC How Do I Ensure My Job Has Enough Memory To Run Using SLURM?
  42. CRC SLURM Tasks clarifications
  43. CRC Inheriting Environment Variables in SLURM Batch Scripts
  44. CRC Customizing Your Environment with the Module Command
  45. CRC How To Request Exclusive Access To A Node Via SLURM
  46. CRC Using Job Arrays to submit a large number of jobs via SLURM
  47. CRC Forcing Jobs to Run in Sequence via SLURM
  48. CRC Using an Interactive Partition via SLURM
  49. CRC SLURM Job Submission and Scheduling FAQ
  50. CRC Running Graphical Applications on Compute Nodes via SLURM
  51. CRC's Using the $PROJECTS File System
  52. CRC Using Shared Computing Resources for a Class
  53. CRC What is my password on our clusters?
  54. CRC Using SSH to Login and Copy Files on the campus network for our Resources
  55. CRC Running MATLAB on a GPGPU on NOTS
  56. CRC Set up MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox from a cluster login node on NOTS
  57. Research Data Facility: Quick Start
  58. CRC External Unsupported Resources
  59. CRC Getting started on ORION
  60. CRC Getting Started on Globus DTN network
  61. CRC Research Data Facility
  62. CRC Data Backup, Recovery, Compliance, Regulatory Controls, and Restrictions
  63. CRC Condos
  64. CRC Access to Shared Computing Resources
  65. CRC Getting Started on NOTS
  66. CRC Cluster Documentation
  67. CRC Matlab usage on our services
  69. CRC XSEDE page
  70. CRC Webinars
  71. CRC Tutorials Page
  72. CRC Software Policies
  73. CRC Retention Policies
  74. CRC Data Management Policy
  75. CRC fees
  76. CRC Apply for Account
  77. CRC Resources
  78. Center for Research Computing documentation
  79. Zoom Cloud Recording Retention Policy
  80. Updating Password on Outlook
  81. Zoom Cloud Recording
  82. macOS 11 Big Sur
  83. Make PDFs More Accessible
  84. Check Gmail through other email clients
  85. Updating a Password on Apple Mail
  86. Outlook Setup for Windows
  87. Installing Windows 10 Feature Update Through Microsoft Software Center
  88. How to Securely Erase Data
  89. Kaltura: "Failed to stop recording" error on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)
  90. Duplicate a Folder in Google Drive
  91. Rice Navigate Platform and App [Campus login required]
  92. How to Encrypt Microsoft Office 2010-2016 Documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  93. Google Workspace for Education
  94. Getting Started with IT for Faculty and Staff
  95. Downloading LabView for Mac
  96. Resolving Risks to the Rice University Network
  97. Laptop Loaner Program
  98. Operations Center: Mudd Building
  99. How to contact the OIT Help Desk
  100. Issues receiving Emails on personal accounts Forwarded from Rice.edu
  101. Guidelines for Emailing the ALLDEPTS Mailing List
  102. Accessibility, Accommodation, & Universal Design for Learning
  103. Web Accessibility: Editing Automatic Closed Captions in Zoom Cloud Recordings
  104. Cleaning Computers and Electronics
  105. Canvas Accessibility: Edit Kaltura Closed Captions
  106. Changes to Zoom Default Security Settings
  107. Zoom Updates
  108. VNC for Linux [Campus login required]
  109. VNC for Macintosh [Campus login required]
  110. VNC Problems [Campus login required]
  111. VNC for Windows [Campus login required]
  112. Using VNC [Campus login required]
  113. Clear VNC Macintosh Software [Campus login required]
  114. Clear VNC Windows Software [Campus login required]
  115. Accessing Linux Systems using SSH
  116. Clear the Web Browser Cache: Safari on Mac
  117. Combining .pdfs into one file and creating .pdfs with your phone
  118. Google Calendar Events - Delete Events and Restore Events and Transfer events
  119. Google Meet Video Conferencing
  120. Using Zoom on Canvas
  121. Working remotely: restarting your Windows computer
  122. Rice University Technology Guide to Remote Working
  123. Cyrus Email Trash Expiration after 30 days
  124. Rice University Travel Registry User Guide
  125. Google Resource and Rooms calendar booking or scheduling permissions
  126. Google Calendars - transfer events to other Google calendars
  127. Meeting Rooms: 2019-2020 Crestron Mercury Instructions [Campus login required]
  128. Kaltura: Enable 3rd-Party Cookies
  129. Accessibility: Request Review of Information & Communication Technology Products
  130. Kaltura: Video Tutorials
  131. Kaltura: Importing Videos From a Previous Canvas Course
  132. Canvas: New Gradebook: Post/Hide Grades
  133. Canvas: New Gradebook: Grade Posting Policy
  134. Canvas: New Gradebook: Where is my Mute button?
  135. Known Issues and Limitations with macOS Catalina
  136. 7 Guidelines for Accessible Mailing List Emails
  137. Encrypting your personal computer
  138. Manually configure Windows to connect to the RiceNet3 wired network with PEAP MSCHAPv2
  139. Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Configuration (First-time setup)
  140. Web Accessibility: 7 Simple Fixes to Improve Accessibility of Digital Information
  141. Canvas Accessibility: Accommodation & Accessibility in Online Courses
  142. Canvas Accessibility: Alternative Text
  143. Web Accessibility: Alternative Text Descriptions
  144. Kaltura: Faculty Quick Start Guide
  145. Kaltura: Overview
  146. Kaltura: My Media and Media Gallery in Canvas
  147. Mount storage drive on Windows 10
  148. Canvas Accessibility: Headings
  149. Web Accessibility: Headings & Semantic Structure
  150. Canvas: Icons and Colors in the Gradebook
  151. Canvas: New Gradebook View
  152. OIT - Using Windows 10 Notifications
  153. Kaltura: Upload & Publish Videos in Canvas
  154. Reactivate Duo on your Smart Phone [Campus login required]
  155. Apple Mail Setup
  156. OnBase Virtual Print Driver [Campus login required]
  157. Delete or Recover your Deleted Gmail Messages
  158. Windows 10 Upgrade / Update Information Sheet
  159. Windows 7 to Windows 10 FAQ
  160. Google Resource Calendar
  161. FIS: Publications Upload: Converting BibTeX to CSV File
  162. Learning Resources
  163. Jones Graduate School | Exchange account setup
  164. Meeting Rooms: Crestron Mercury Quick Guide (old) [Campus login required]
  165. Slate for Admissions [Campus login required]
  166. FIS: What's New - 2018 Faculty Annual Reports
  167. CUI 800-171 Audit Reference Access Control Family 3.1 [Campus login required]
  168. Karamba 1.3.3 for Rhino 6/7
  169. RT Quick Reference Card [Campus login required]
  170. API Services - MuleSoft API-Led Connectivity [Campus login required]
  171. API Services (MuleSoft) - Getting Started [Campus login required]
  172. Run gpupdate command
  173. Adobe Sign Enterprise - Setup
  174. V-Ray 5 for Rhino 6 & 7 [Campus login required]
  175. Rice University Google Workspace - Export Data Using Google Takeout
  176. Google Drive - Move files from My Drive to Shared Team Drive
  177. Zoom for Rice Students
  178. Getting Started: Zoom Communication
  179. Canvas: 24/7 Support Contacts for Rice University
  180. AnyConnect VPN for Mac OS X using Duo Authentication [Campus login required]
  181. AnyConnect VPN for Windows using Duo Authentication [Campus login required]
  182. ZendTo Rice Dropbox service
  183. AnyConnect VPN for Red Hat Linux using Duo Authentication [Campus login required]
  184. Configuring a Mac Workstation to Connect to the RiceNet3 Wired Network using PEAP MSCHAPv2 (Self-Registration Portal) [Campus login required]
  185. Manually Configure a Linux Workstation to Connect to the RiceNet3 Wired Network with PEAP MSCHAPv2 using NetworkManager [Campus login required]
  186. Obsolete and Vulnerable Systems/Software Security Guidance [Campus login required]
  187. Google Drive / Docs Security and Privacy Recommendations [Campus login required]
  188. Optimal Use of Rice Networks
  189. Proofpoint Encryption
  190. FIS: Quick Start Guide
  191. Customizing Webmail Virtual and Trash Folders
  192. FIS: FAQs about Faculty Information System (FIS)
  193. FAMIS Cloud User Security Agreement [Campus login required]
  194. FIS: Importing Publications from Google Scholar for your Annual Report
  195. FIS: What's New - 2017 Faculty Annual Reports
  196. All About Duo
  197. How To Find MAC Addresses
  198. Canvas: Learning Tools Interoperability FAQ
  199. Cisco VoIP Portal
  200. Canvas: Adding non-Rice Instructor/TA to Canvas
  201. Account Closure, Eligibility & Information
  202. Adobe Creative Cloud License
  203. Cisco VoIP Phone | Model 7841
  204. OnBase Security Agreement [Campus login required]
  205. Canvas: Change Course Front Page
  206. Canvas: Mailing List for Class
  207. Canvas: FAQs for Instructors
  208. AnyConnect VPN for Ubuntu Linux using Duo Authentication [Campus login required]
  209. AnyConnect VPN for Android using Duo Authentication [Campus login required]
  210. AnyConnect VPN for iPhone and iPad using Duo Authentication [Campus login required]
  211. How to remove/restore built-in apps for Windows 10
  212. Microsoft Software Center [Campus login required]
  213. Change Organization (Department) Account Password using MyNetID portal
  214. Canvas: Allowing Students to View Their Quiz Responses
  215. Set up IE, Chrome, Firefox for OnBase EP3 [Campus login required]
  216. CrashPlan
  217. Web Browsers Supported by OnBase EP3 [Campus login required]
  218. Software Installed on Classroom Podium and Computer Lab Macs
  219. How to determine if your computer is encrypted with BitLocker (PC) or FileVault (Mac)
  220. Basic Excel Actions [Campus login required]