FIS Quick Start Guide

For faculty annual reports

Accessing FIS:

 Rice’s Faculty Information System (FIS) is an internal university system.  It can only be accessed from off campus via VPN (Virtual Private Network).  For more info about installing VPN, click here.

Navigating FIS:

  1. My Data.  Here is where you will enter any new activities for the reporting year.  More about this later.
  2. My CV and Documents.  Here you will attach your updated CV.
  3. Reports.  To preview your annual report, go here.
  4. Log Out.

ROLES:  If you have more than one role, such as a department chair, dean, or department administrator, when you log in, you will be directed to a screen in which you will select the role in which you need to work for this session.  To choose a different role, click "Home" on the left side of the dark blue ribbon.

Information to Include on Annual Report:

Adding New Records:

Finding and Updating Existing Records:

The FIS includes two kinds of already existing information:

Completing Your Annual Report:

Reviewing Your Annual Report:

 Visibility:  Please note that the public-facing Scholarly Interest Report (SIR) is not being used, nor is the current FIS being used to feed department websites.  It is entirely internal, and not visible to anyone without specific viewing rights within the system.

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