iPhone/iPad/iPod mail set up

Instructions on how to set up Rice email on iPhone


On the Home screen, click Settings; select Mail; select Accounts; Add Account; tap Google

Faculty, Staff, Graduate, Undergraduate Email Setup

See the following screenshots:

On the Home screen - Tap:    Settings
Tap: Mail                                             
Tap: Accounts                                    
Tap: Add Accounts                          

Faculty/Staff: Tap Other

Undergraduate Students: Tap Google                


Tap:Add Mail Account                                          

Your name
Email: Your Rice email
Password: NetID password
Description: Rice                                        
Undergraduate Students:
Email: NetID@rice.edu
Password: Rice Google
Incoming Mail Server:
- Host Name: imap.mail.rice.edu
- Username: NetID
- Password: NetID password

Outgoing Mail Server:
- Host Name: smtp.mail.rice.edu
- Username: NetID  
- Password: NetID password                           

At the end of the set up you will click "Save" at the top right and you will now be able to check your email.