Printing Overview

Landing page for printing at Mudd Lab

Black & White Printing

Color Printing


All posters are 36" wide

Normal Paper

Glossy Paper

You will get the best results if you print the poster as a pdf file from Adobe Acrobat or Reader
Click here (Plotting Instructions - Creating a .pdf file ) for instructions on generating/sizing your pdf.
Click here (Plotting Instructions ) for instructions on printing the poster.


We can only offer you a refund if the printer makes a physical error, or a Helpdesk employee makes a mistake while assisting you.

If you believe you qualify for a refund, please stop by the Helpdesk (MUDD 103) with the bad print job and header page.


If you need help printing between 9AM and 5PM, stop by the Helpdesk (MUDD 103) and a Student Computer Consultant will assist you.

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