G Suite for Education [formerly known as Google Apps for Education]

G Suite for Education is available for current Rice faculty, staff, and students.

G Suite for Education 

Go to:  www.google.com
Login: netid@rice.edu
Password:  your Rice google password 

Upon login, select the Google apps icon
Google Apps Menu

G Suite Applications
(Note: This list is subject to change as Google modifies the G Suite)

G Suite Applications

Undergraduate Email Login
Go to:  www.google.com/mail
Password:  your google apps password 

Select the "Mail" icon from the Google apps.

1. To view the contents of your Inbox, click on the "Inbox".
2. To send a new message, click "Compose".
3. To view a message in your inbox, click on the Subject of the message.
4. To search your Inbox for a message, type the keywords that you wish to search for into the search box at the top of the page.


5. To change the Settings of your mail account, click the gear in the upper right corner.


6. To Chat with someone who is online, use the Chat box in the lower left.