Google Data Migration

How to transfer/migrate personal Google data from your Rice Google account to a personal Google account.

Effective May 17, 2021, new Rice Google account holders will use their NetID password to login to Google. Individuals with Rice Google accounts that were established prior to May 17, 2021 will continue to have a separate Google password that differs from their NetID password until they change one of the passwords and then the passwords will automatically be synchronized. If individuals would prefer to have one less password to remember, they may synchronize them by resetting their password at

Step 1: Use a personal Google account, or create a new Google account to migrate personal data from Rice Google account.

Step 2: Login to Rice Google account, select Manage  your Google Account

Manage Your Account

Step 3: Select > Transfer Your Content

Step 4: Select > Start Transfer

Transfer Your Content 

Complete your process, follow the steps after clicking the Start Transfer:

Step 5Transfer your content >  click Start Transfer
Step 6Verify your account > click Get confirmation code
Step 7: Confirm your transfer > enter the confirmation code in your Rice Google account to start the transfer  to your personal Google account.

Start Transfer

Be sure to delete transferred non-Rice data from your Rice Google account.