FIS: Importing Publications from Google Scholar for your Annual Report

Google Scholar makes your annual report easier!

  1. Log into your Google Scholar account at (Figure 1)
    Figure 1 is Google Scholar screen with the “My profile” button highlighted.

  2. Select ONLY your REPORTING YEAR publications/presentations; click Export. Select CSV format. (Figure 2)
    Figure 2 highlights the Export button with the CSV option selected.
     Why is this important? 1) If you import multiple years' publications, and you have existing records in the FIS from previous years, the upload will create duplicate records in your cumulative record. Cleaning up these duplicates is extremely tedious! 2) It may result in some records appearing in this annual report that actually occurred in previous years. Please focus on THIS YEAR's activities only!
  3. Save the file to your computer, keeping it in CSV format using Save As / Save As Type: CSV (Comma Delimited).

  4. Log in to the Faculty Information System (FIS) with your Rice netID at, and navigate to the "List Upload" page under "Scholarly & Creative Works." (Figure 3)
    Figure 3 is the My Data screen with the “List Upload” button highlighted.

  5. Click the blue "Upload" button. (Figure 4) Browse for and select the CSV file you saved to your computer.
    Figure 4 highlights the Upload button on the List Upload screen.

  6. Give the file a name or leave it at the default name. Choose the most common publication type (Figure 5) and status in your file. You will be able to edit the publication types and statuses individually from the FIS later (see step #8).
    Figure 5 highlights the “Article - Refereed” option on the Load as Type of Work screen.

  7. Click "Upload" at the bottom.

  8. Now navigate to "Edit Grid." Here you can easily edit or delete uploaded or manually entered records. You can even insert new records from the list view. (Figure 6a-6b) Be sure to save your changes before leaving the page.
    Figure 6a highlights the “Edit Grid” button on the Welcome screen connected to the Edit Grid screen with the options, Insert, Delete, and Save highlighted. Figure 6b is a continuation of the columns on the screen of Figure 6a.

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